Why Women Make A Big Deal Out Of Their Wedding Gown

Start planning your ideas based on your budget. Keeping the guest list small as bigger is not always better. One of the most difficult tasks you’ll face while planning your wedding is deciding who to invite. Choose smaller vendors you will often find that that accommodate your needs at a better price.

Gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen do not have to be very expensive. If you pay for the bridesmaid dresses or rent the groomsmen’s suits then the gift could be very small; perhaps simple necklaces for the bridesmaids (the costume type jewelry worn for proms and weddings) and sunglasses for the men.

The truth is simple. It is also quite prosaic. Marriage is going to be what you and your spouse make it. No better and no worse. Face up to an incontrovertible fact: You are most unlikely to be able to change your partner very much, if at all. The only person you can really change is yourself. However, when you do effect some changes in yourself, the entire equation is altered for the better and things begin to work out the way you would prefer. How do you change yourself? You do this by humbly accepting the blame, sometimes even when the entire fault is not yours, by apologizing in a true spirit of statesmanship when you should and by compromising now and then.

Budget: it is also good idea to settle on your budget before you go shopping for your wedding. If you want an cheap affordable wedding ensemble dress, settle your budget and then stick to it.

For your reception you will have to think about a first dance for the bride and groom. Choose something that has a special meaning for the both of you and remember it doesn’t necessarily have to be a slow number. If you have a connection and special meaning with a song like Kung Fu Fighting then work with it You guests will love wedding music it too!

Having ten people stand up for each of you may seem like a great idea but you have to buy gifts for each of these people. Paring down your wedding party to just one or two can cut your gift costs.

It isn’t the musicians that makes your ceremony music special (though it does help!). It’s having distinctive music that you chose (your choices will express your joy the way you want, making it personal). The musicians are there to make your music come alive.

I certainly wish I’d known about the TTD (or in this case, TTG) trend umpteen years ago, or had the bravery to start one of my own. Here’s hoping it gives you a few ideas for new and different graduation photos!