What Is A Power Of Attorney?

There’s an old saying that there are only two sure things in life “death and taxes.” And most of us feel as though we have no control over either. Actually we have some control over both. When it comes to taxes, the more you make the more you are likely to owe – unless you know how to utilize your earnings to make more money or pay less. But what about death? Whether it’s yours or a loved one’s demise would you know what to do first or where to begin? Would you know who to contact and inform of the death? Or where important documents were?

We would still laugh and take care of business together – but business became what was for lunch today, and what would she wear tomorrow, and scheduling her appointment at the in-house beauty salon because she did not have the energy to keep doing her own hair so she wanted a perm.

Document who your attorney is, who has توكيل بريما and a health care surrogate in the event that someone needs to make life-death decisions on your behalf and invoke your wishes per your Living Will.

A check is a “third-party withdrawal.” It has more in common with the withdrawal slips sitting on the bank counter than it does with actual cash. The difference between the promise to pay and actual payment opens a wide number of holes for con artists to slip through.

End-of-Life decisions. No one wants to make life or death decisions. An informed decision is better than one where you have no idea what the loved one wanted. No one should ever have to guess and then live with that guess. It is up to each of us to decide to what extent we want medical personnel to extend our lives. Talk about it with your family and get it in writing.

Many people die without a will. When this happens, the court determines who the next of kin is. If there are no heirs then the property becomes the state’s property.

Of course, you must have a frank, respectful, non-judgmental talk with your loved one, if he or she is competent, before you delve into their personal affairs. If they ask for your help, or if they have been declared incompetent, check with your attorney, tax advisor, loved one’s physician, and other family members before you begin. You will most likely need to obtain Power of Attorney, access to bank accounts, and/or other legal documentation.