What Exactly Are You Marketing Anyway?

Creating an online presence and gaining a good reputation on the internet is what every online business person wants. When you obtain those things it is pretty much guaranteed you will see a lot of money being made from your products or service.

If you are a workaholic and don’t like what you are doing – you are doomed to ulcers, early death and perhaps a sad family. Don’t work at home if you’re not qualified. OR, get qualified on someone else’s time and then when you’ve got the drive, determination and discipline – stay home and get more done, more happily.

One thing for sure you want a business consultant that gets results. It is best to go with one that has a track record that can be easily verified. It is not unreasonable to expect the consultant’s work to bring in 3-5 times what you spent on them.

It may be a good idea to ask your existing contacts to fill out a questionnaire as to what they think about your proposed product or service. Alternatively, you can try to source an email list and carry out an e-mail survey. Part of your market research will also involve checking out your competitors and finding out who they are selling to, the prices of their products and how they are advertising and getting customers to use them.

#5 – You have no clue on how to use social media sites. There are more social media sites on the web then you can possibly squeeze out all the usefulness. Start simple and use the most popular – LinkedIn (Professionals), Facebook (the entire world), Twitter (highlight your brand). Before you release your social marketing monster learn to use the media tools personally. General Motors (GM) spent $10 million in 2011 on Facebook advertising. They went public not long ago announcing they have no idea if their Facebook campaigns can be tied to a single vehicle sale.

Be unpredictable. Don’t wear panties when he least expects it and wear long johns to bed just when he thought he could take you for granted. Men are socialized to be stimulated by the thrill of the hunt, to be challenged and competitive. Ask yourself: If I were a I man would I chase after me. What kind of prey are you? Easy. Mysterious. Complex. Humans value things that they believe are not easily obtained and priceless.

In that one sentence there are four different systems at work and if you don’t have them in place your car (business) just won’t run right. And that is only one set of systems, let’s include bookkeeping, billing, marketing, computer technology and web design. I hope at this point you are starting to see the value of a consultant, a consultant keeps you focused on what you do well and what you don’t the consultants can become your guide. We can’t and don’t ever run your business for you.