Welding Schools – How To Find A Good Welding Program

With the coming approval of the Keystone Pipeline, plus all the shale oil activity, and even President Obama saying he likes natural gas, the demand for 6G code pipe welders is going to go through the roof. The question is, how do you get hired to weld pipe?

If you’re a good welder now, and you think you can pass a 6G test, you can normally find a Certified Welding Inspector – a CWI (under the American Welding Society – AWS) at one of the junior colleges who’ll certify you for $300 to $600. Now, you can look for pipe job, but it isn’t over yet.

A 6G position downhill root pass with no backing needs the welder to continually reposition his system to keep gun angle and to stay in the sweet spot of the puddle without having shooting whiskers thru. Seems uncomplicated, but below the strain of understanding a very good paying out More information occupation is at possibility, the shakes can consider more than and wreck your working day. That’s why its significant to practice plenty of so that you wont be nervous on test working day.

Gas is everywhere and easy to get. It is clean. It isn’t a big deal if you spill a little. However, gas has a problem – it isn’t as efficient as diesel. Cars are a good example. A VW Beetle with a diesel in it will get as much as 54 MPG on the highway. That same exact car in gas will max out at about 35 MPG. THAT my friend can mean a lot of money if we’re talking about feeding a welder that is sitting in North Dakota running for 12 or more hours a day.

I recently saw a study on the street begging thing. Most of those people only hold the “Will work for food” sign just long enough to buy some drugs or a bottle. However, there are some pros. They can fairly reliably pull down $100 or more in cash a day. If they can do that holding a cardboard sign, you can imagine what a street artist can make. I’m suggesting you become a “World Class Beggar.” My only goal is helping you to open your eyes to some other possibilities by starting at the bottom and looking up (no matter what skill it is you want to develop).

Below 3G on the totem pole of importance are the structural certifications – 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Structural welders who typically weld on big steel building frames, get these certifications. They think they are hot stuff, and they do make good money, but it is the 6G pipe welders who are rare, and who make big bucks and drive the nice trucks.

What you need is a heat resistant finger heat shield that you can rest directly next to the hot weld. What If you didn’t ever have to worry about your fingers and knuckles getting hot, how would that help your welding technique?

Not everyone can juggle or do a back flip. Pipe welding is a hand-eye skill. It is possible to learn to weld pipe without knowing much about what you’re doing. I’m not saying that’s a good idea. I’m saying that to show you where the “Money Shot” is – it isn’t in a bunch of book learning, when it comes to welding pipe. The money is in your ability to weld a round object in any position possible.