Ulcerative Colitis & Acupuncture

Acupuncture reverses disease by referring not only to an organ or body part separately but also to its energetic connections and influences throughout the entire physical body. To an acupuncturist a liver means not only the organ under your rib cage, but also the energy channel or ‘liver meridian’ which runs from head to foot on both sides of the body.

Jay is also a great ART practitioner and an excellent acupressurist in wandsworth. He often incorporates Graston technique in his treatment, which is always a “fun” experience!

Do you have a personal brand established so that you can decide how you want to be known in the world? Do you communicate it often? One way to see if you are lacking here or not is to take a look at the following: When I introduce myself to someone or when I am talking about my practice with people, do they know what I stand for?

The BYS system has 4 components to building a strong foundation so that you can have a strong platform for both you and your patients that leads to building trust and credibility.

When do I do this? Actually, I’m doing it right now while I’m typing on the computer. I’m on the computer at least an hour or two a day whether I’m checking my emails, reading or writing an article, or scoping some porn! The point is I’m making better use of my time accomplishing two tasks instead of just one. I am so busy these days myself – delegating a million things to a million people it seems – that time management is very important to me. Whether I’m listening to an audio book while driving, or stretching while watching TV (and spending some “quality” time with the family – ssshhh don’t tell anyone) or EMS while on the computer, you get the picture…

You see this in action when you read or watch ads. Notice which ones really grab your attention. Then look at the hidden appeal. How many of them really focus on features? A purse may be made of the highest quality leather but the ad may appeal to your sense of style.

Aromatherapy foam bath containing chamomile and lavender helps to relax the body, strengthen the spirit (it’s true – my spirit now benches double bodyweight!), moisturize and cleanse skin, and promote a more peaceful slumber, but really, I just like playing with the suds!

The point in telling you all of this is that I had reached a point in my pregnancy nausea when I had had enough and I decided to do something about it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that it is something that all women experience and it’s just something you need accept. Take steps to get your symptoms under control. Explore treatments methods like acupuncture, acupressure, and herbs because they could mean the difference between months of misery and months of joy. It’s up to you.