Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump Revealed

The Blackberry 10 event on January 30th represented a rebirth in function and in name. Research in Motion is no more, being replaced by simply Blackberry. Most people referred to the company this way regardless, so there isn’t a big change there. What has obviously changed, is the direction of the company.

A quick gesture upward from the bottom of the screen reveals the app switcher/home screen, which tiles the 8 most recently used applications. It’s like a hybrid of Android’s task switcher and the Live Tiles from Windows Phone. Some of these tiles also act similarly to Android’s widgets giving useful information (like Weather). This gesture can be activated from within any screen on the device, eliminating the need for a home button. In most apps going backwards is as simple as swiping to the left, also eliminating the need for back buttons. There is something beautiful about a phone that is basically all screen, with no buttons interrupting the aesthetics of the device.

Those who are new to Twitter cannot attract that much value in their Twitter stream. For them NewsMix can be of great help. NewsMix is a kind of channel, which can help you get in touch with great topics which may interest you. What you can do is create “channels” to follow on a Flipboard-style interface. You can even customize your channels as per your preference. Through NewsMix, you can follow these channels even via Smartphones.

This screen will show your current discharge rate and also how long it has been since your battery was fully charged. Below that you will see, by percentage, exactly what sources are using up your battery. In the example that I have shown here. The screen is taking approximately 64% of the battery life from my phone. This will most likely be your highest user of battery as well. But as you can see with mine, Twitter is taking a significant amount of battery. For me this is normal, but if you happen to see an application that that is incredibly high this will be your first sign of what should be done next in order to improve your battery life.

Oprah interviewed Bieber in October and asked if he and Selena used different exits and separate cars to avoid paparazzi and crowds of fans and he stated, “I don’t keep her separate from me because I don’t ever want to make her feel like I’m ashamed of her.” Ashamed of her?

Kim followed suit posting “North” on her instagram post maker account according to USA Today. Kardashian’s fans have been eagerly awaiting pictures of Kimye’s offspring. Kardashian and West recently traveled to OK for the rap star’s grandfather’s funeral. The couple covered the baby with a blanket so no photographs could be taken.

According to their corporate site, LinkedIn members are sharing insights and knowledge in more than 2.1 million LinkedIn Groups. Yowza. This is huge. Joining a handful of relevant LinkedIn groups should generate leads and become a big player in your social media marketing plan. This will include promoting yourself in these groups, not your business opportunity.

I would say best of luck and let me know if you’d need any help. It is a new and emerging market, but it’s a trailblazing one filled with tons of problems most new craft brewers don’t even have to deal with. Just like any owner of any successful craft brewery will tell you – it’s not just good drinks…it’s work.