How Web 2.0 Social Marketing Can Explode Your Network Marketing Business

The hilarious “Wedding Crashers” are back in a new upcoming film called “The Internship.” Next Wednesday, Conan O’Brien will be hosting a Google Plus hangout with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. During the Google Plus hangout, fans can get a glimpse at their upcoming movie that will be in theaters on June 7, 2013. The movie will take place at a Google campus, where every digital marketing professional dreams to be.

When my daughter was 16 my Mom went and bought her a new car. A few weeks later I asked her “Ya still digging the car your Grandma got ya?” to which she replied “Yeah, it’s okay, but so-and-so got a BMW for their birthday.” I hit the roof and read my kid the riot act for that. It is indicative of the times though. Every kid is and has been in a daily competition to demonstrate they have more than the other kids. And while this is a common trait of children, the levels we are dealing with today are nothing like what was seen historically.

Adding Tags: Adding tags is an important step to your video. If you don’t add tags to your video you will not show up in a hampton bay ceiling fans search. When considering what tags to add, think of all the words that would relate to your video. The more the better. For instance, if you have a video that shows a dancing dog you might want to add tags such as these: Dance, Dog, Funny, dancing, dancing dog, pet, pet tricks, humor, and animal. If you add tags that relate to your video you ensure that your clip will be seen by your target market and through that you grow your list and even gain potential clients.

In 2003, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that one out of three kids born in America in the year 2000 will develop type 2 diabetes. The life of a ten-year-old child who has Type II diabetes will be, on average, between seventeen and twenty-six years shorter than that of a healthy child. Diabetes can lead to heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage in the lower legs which may result in amputation (82,000 of these cases occur every year). Diabetes is currently the sixth-highest cause of death in America.

Instead, review all expenditures and categorize each line item into A, B and C categories in terms of ROI. “A” items are those expenditures where you can measure a strong return. Continue spending and maybe even increase these investments. “B” items are those that you believe are good but you haven’t yet developed an accurate measurement. Continue these activities, improve the tactics and improve the measurement. “C” items are losers. Stop these completely.

I blame technology in part, but it is really more the fault of indulgent parents. It’s indicative of the mindset that “my kid can’t be wrong.” By that I mean it is an extension of a parent’s natural tendency to give their kid everything, that they deserve it too. It’s the “every kid, even the bench warmer, gets a trophy.” It’s the “let’s not keep score so the other kids don’t feel like a loser.” And that is ignorant in the extreme!

In conclusion, video marketing is going to be the next big thing for online marketing. Start now and use it for your advantage while it is still new and popular. Online video marketing has turned to be an ideal marketing tool in present times. Think for yourself…if you are given two options- watch a video clip or read a web content, which one would you prefer? Apart from the initial cost of the camera purchase, it is free to submit your videos to most sights, and any video has the potential to go viral very quickly, for just a few minutes work you have the potential to reach millions of people worldwide, over and over again. As I mentioned earlier, don’t worry too much about quality and production value at first, as Nike like to say just do it!