How To Quit Smoking Gradually

Shaniya Davis, the little girl who was betrayed, rape and murdered was laid to rest on Sunday. This story has hit the hearts of many, whose uneasiness will not let them put aside their thoughts of how Shaniya Davis suffered during her last horrific hours of life. I wrote an article asking people to share their thoughts on this tragedy and the response was overwhelming. America has taken this little angel into their hearts and because of the travesty that this child suffered many are asking questions that need answers.

I don’t look down on smokers as less than me. I look at them with a sadness in my heart for them. For they are in a trap set for them by incredibly powerful forces, and they have not yet found their way out. They are to a degree crippled in a way that I once was and am no longer.

Spy cameras used to be expensive but there are probably a dozen or more that you can get several for less than $150.00 and some for fewer than one hundred dollars. There are several so-called “body worn” cameras that have a camera of course, a DVR and a mini microphone inside making them the ultimate spy device. Some examples of those are a stick hidden camera, watch, ball point pen, Acheter cigarette électronique lighter, sunglasses rear view mirror and a car key fob.

Drink water – It is also best recommended that you drink water to keep your body well and fully hydrated. Avoid alcohol and caffeine intake because this can just irritate your vocal cords. Water is very important because it does not mainly hydrates your entire body, but it particularly hydrates your vocal cords that are very prone to dehydration. Your vocal cords actually vibrate so fast that it needs water balance to keep them well lubricated. It is also best that you drink warm drinking water. It is also not recommended to take in very cold water because it can irritate the vocal cords.

With hanging compression bags, you can keep your wardrobe clean while saving closet storage space. Use any vacuum cleaner to remove air and compress your clothing. You can easily fit ten suits or jackets into one third of the space they would normally take up in your closet! Plus, an airtight seal prevents bugs, moisture and dust from ruining your outfits. Made of reusable, reinforced nylon, these bags are transparent for easy viewing and very durable.

Have a mentor. This mentor doesn’t have to know that they are mentoring, though if they do it’s even better. Do as they do, act as they act. Soon you will think as they think.

Obviously, don’t go to Pappa John’s for dinner. Stay out of places that serve pizza. Why make it harder for yourself? Lastly, and I mean this literally, DON”T hang out with people who want pizza in your presence, and DO hang out with people that hate pizza, in a manner of speaking. Do these three things until not having pizza is second nature. Whether that’s a month or six. You’ll know when that time comes. When it does? Then you repeat the process, only now you’ll have a new worst habit. Keep doing this until you have lost the 30 lbs. By the time this happens, you won’t be the person who over eats and lives on pizza anymore.