How To Change Your Admin Password In Tikiwiki Cms

Most computer owners want to have administrator rights on their computer. To enable administrator account on Windows 7 login, click on the Start orb, then click on All Programs, and then click Accessories. After that, right-click the Command Prompt then select Run as Administrator. On the command prompt that will appear, type net user administrator /active:yes. Make sure that the command is correct then press Enter. Finally, restart your computer and log in as Administrator. This is the quickest way to enable administrator account for Windows 7 login.

Applications: allows you to lock an application. Click “Select Files/Programs”, then locate the *.exe file you want to secure. If you want to unlock, simply double click on the application. Click “Save/Close” to keep your settings.

Before we do anything you must first find out your network configuration. In windows open up a command prompt and type ipconfig /all. In Linux open up a terminal and type ifconfig. Write down your IPv4 address, default gateway, subnet mask and DNS servers as we will be using this information later.

How to how to change password on windows 10 in Hotmail is very simple. First, you will need to sign in into your Hotmail account. Type the URL hotmail(dot)com and you will be led to that page. From there, you will be directed to the Homepage of Windows Live. At the top right edge of the page, you will notice your name. Click on it and a pop up list will appear. From that list, select ‘Account’.

First, get yourself a reliable router. For home use, it does not have to be super fancy and expensive. The more expensive brands are more suitable to office settings as it has more security functions and more features. Also, you can decide at this point what type of router you will use. Of course, it has to be compatible with your Internet connection.

To reset Windows password is never easy for most computer users. But now here I will show you some easy and productive methods to reset the forgotten Windows password.

Once you are done filling the information, click the ‘Save’ button. You will then be brought back to the Account Overview page, and a dialog stating ‘Your information has been saved’ will appear under that heading. With that, your password has been changed.