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In my work, I’ve met authors like Sara Paretsky, musicians like Vince Vance and Pete Fountain and all manner of massage experts and wellness gurus. There are many benefits to being a writer and one of them is opportunity. Recently, I had an opportunity to sit down with Chicago area Relexologist Deborah Berg, MIIR. I sat down. She performed reflexology on my hands and feet as we talked about her career and an article I wanted to sell.

Find a small business woman who would be willing to let you do the repairs in the back. Pay her something for the situation. Advertise to drive business to her location. There is a lot of money in this – certainly enough to make it worthwhile for a nail shop, hair shop, dress shop, cleaners, or any small business (owned by either sex) to cooperate with you.

When you build your own home you get to choose where you build. Many builders also develop their own land and they limit your dream home location to one of their existing projects. When you take on the patio building houston role you can buy a lot in an established community or you can purchase that beautiful farm property in the woods. You may also want to buy your dream vacation home lot to build your own home in the future when the economy improves.

Referrals are a great place to start your search. If you know someone who has had similar work done or any type of general contracting working completed in the recent past ask them if they have contractor they would recommend. If there is no one that comes to mind, try the local lumber yard. They should have a contractor and you know they use good quality materials.

Go into a food business. Start a small restaurant, a convenience store or a bakery. The premise is that people will always need food and so it means you will always have a business because of that. Of course that logic is far from being perfect but the idea that you are selling a commodity based on real human wants, then having a food business makes complete sense.

No different than trying to sell your house without a real estate agent. I can’t speak for the Realtors but I can speak for the contractors. Contractors gross do not approach the Realtors gross. It’s a good idea if you can pull it off, but most of the time you will find you can’t.

The Internet is another good source to find the interior sliding doors. You’ll see pictures of the doors and when you add your own tastes and uniqueness your home will take on an entire new look.