Athens Music Weekend Roundup

Radio Now one hundred.9 is house to Indy’s hottest Pop & Hip Hop music. Looking at their website, they have a great deal of things going on. Appears very educational and of course what website would not be total without the navigation tabs. We will check out the tabs!

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Meanwhile, the women had been getting prepared to watch the action on tv. Cyndi Lauper tried solve the issue with Maria Kanellis and merely told her to by no means satisfy her idols simply because she would usually be dissatisfied. Maria Kanellis laughed, but the rift did not seem settled.

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Kanye West was incorrect for what he did. He has acknowledged this. I value his work, but I am hoping he will do more. Kanya West is a very gifted singer, and I do appreciate his music. He has a long journey forward of him to obtain the regard from his fans, as soon as once more.