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Twitter has truly revolutionized the way people network and communicate with each other online. A few months ago, a lot of folks considered it to be overrated and a waste of time. But now people are realizing the power of it, and how they can use it to dominate their markets.

Advertising Google Adwords is another good method of working at home with multiple streams of income. You have the option of doing this on your own site or setting up a website to do nothing but that. I have seen people do well with Adwords and certain online companies love this.

For a packaged-goods marketer, Twitter might be viewed as responding to the question: What are my customers thinking? Let’s picture this scenario: Frito-Lay launches a new variant of its favored potato chips. A Twitter-hooked consumer walks into a shop, notices the new release, purchases and instantly consumes it. Next thing, he is hooked. Out goes an SMS to his Twitter account that reads: “Hey! You know what? Lay’s just launched a new flavor and it rocks!”. What happens now is that you reach out to an exponential number of your clients through a single consumer! It’s similar to word-of-mouth promoting on steroids. What’s more, if these other shoppers have mobile alerts enabled on their Twitter account, think about how they might react if they happened to be close to a shop at that moment.

Secondly, a SEO company can charge a fixed amount for a contract service. In this case, you will pay for only a specific service that you want the service provider to offer within that fixed duration. For instance, you may want a SEO company to perform an audit on your site. This is usually done to determine the main elements which are working for and against the site so that the experts can know why the site is ranking poorly. A contract can also be considered if you want SEO copywriting or This cost will vary depending on the service being offered.

Once you know your mission, determine the tenor of your conversation. Is it fun and lighthearted? Or is it insightful and revealing? Just like people, companies have personalities. And unless you want to be viewed as a corporate Sybil, it’s best to speak with one voice. Don’t post a link to an industry specific article, a hilarious YouTube video and then post a Gandhi quote. You will simply appear reactive and incoherent. If you want to use humor, and it fits your brand image, then by all means do so. But remember, your brand is most credible when its congruent with its core message.

Twitter – microblogging site that can be used to update clients about open homes or new homes on the market. Also you can post cool things you see happening in a market, as long as it is 140 characters or less.

These concepts can be used with any number of social media services. Experiment, play with your options, try different directions, whatever you do, just get involved and do something.

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