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When your company grows, there will be more employees. With more employees, your payroll process will get more complicated. This is the time when you need a professional payroll software. Before you purchase any payroll software, you must first understand what you really need so that you don’t make the wrong choice.

Put another way, in December 2010, (in a display of duration by single weeks) we found 55,000 persons with unemployment durations between 90 to 98 weeks, and 1,467,000 with durations of 99 weeks or more. In January 2011, there were 1,796,000 persons reporting 99 weeks or more, a number that greatly exceeds the prior month’s 99 or more PLUS those near that level at 90 to 98 weeks.

The U.S. Department of Labor today reported that 247,000 non-farm payroll jobs were lost in July. In addition, the unemployment rate fell from 9.5% in June to 9.4% in July. Non-farm payroll jobs job loss numbers were revised down 43,000 in May and June.

There are rumors of shortages of silver for delivery. Silver on the spot (cash) market is now higher than six month futures prices. The market is in “backwardation.” Normally, futures prices are higher than the current spot price. This is called “Contango.” In other words, if you can wait for delivery the price of silver is cheaper than if you want it right now. The market is trying to bring additional supply into the spot market with these higher cash prices.

Mr. Obama will be making the Big Speech about jobs- and the economy in general, this week. Reportedly, he will be proposing to extend unemployment benefits. Fine, but no jobs there. He will ask to double down on defunding Social Security by extending the payroll jobs tax reduction to employers as well as employees, as well as a tax credit for hiring an employee- presumably for these ‘shovel-ready’ infrastructure projects, purportedly on somebody’s drawing board, somewhere.

Your company goes from $100k in sales per annum to $1m in sales in 2 years and $3 million in 5 years. Your company started with just one client, and in five years, that old client is still there – you are working on a small ongoing support project for them and you have another 20 clients and 3 in the pipeline. You’ve made it as a small business. You have enough clients to make your payroll and take home a decent paycheck for yourself.

Finally, a couple of quick caveats you should watch. One, if your jobs of interest are pulling in 200 applications, this means you will need to apply for 200 jobs to ensure a “hit”- maybe only an interview. The more your written materials match the job posting the lower the number of contacts needed. Most people apply for way too few jobs.

And if you’d like to know how to get yourself into the positive cashflow position of owning your home free and clear years sooner, try one or more of the early mortgage payoff strategies available today, such as the numerous ones outlined and compared in Let Your Mortgage Make You Rich.

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