Teleseminar Formula To Successful High Ticket Marketing

I speak to small business owners every day who share their concerns about the current state of the US economy. Most of them are losing business. Many of them are losing money. Almost all of them have no idea what to do about it.

Last week I spent a day with the NY Times Best Selling Author, Robert G. Allen. I went to his home (which was the most opulent home I’ve ever seen live or in a magazine!) with ten other infopreneurs.

What this represents is that at the top is your “first touch”. Your job is to build interest, build rapport, get them to like you and trust you step by step. Each step down the funnel you will have fewer people as they fall out of the side of the funnel, but those that stay in the funnel, moving down to the next level are MORE interested, and like you and trust you even more than those further up the funnel. Get the idea.

Like anything else, a blog takes a little tender love and care. You have to build it, build it up, and then keep caring for it consistently like a fruit tree. No fruit tree will bear fruit if it’s not cared for, and just the same…your blog will not bear the fruit of downline members without consistent care and love.

He began our day by wanting to hear about our business. He whipped out a blank form that he called “Your Money Funnel”. On his Smart Board he filled out each of our funnels as we told him how people find us and what products and services we offer.

So your blog is also a part of your whole system. It’s an important part of your clickfunnels review detail, and as long as you use it as such you’ll have no problem. It’s those people who think that putting up a blog is going to get them a rush of people signing up for their MLM business the next day who get into trouble.

How long does it take to create a website? 1 day maybe 2 if you are really bad at it. Heck, if you can write a piece of email and draw some basic tables, you’re in business.

Affiliate marketing plus an autoresponder is responsible for many millionaires. It’s responsible for me, a broke network marketer, to completely turn my business around and yell back at my debt collectors to get the ‘____’ out of my life. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this brief article. I know it’s impossible to share everything there is in 600 words about setting up autoresponders to run at maximum effectiveness, this is why I invite you to check out the additional resources below.

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