Music With My Meal – Ok…But Keep It Down!

The O’Jays – Love Train: Love thy neighbor in a hand-clapping, foot-tapping, feel-good package. This is a song for early in the evening to set the tone of a party where everyone is getting along, differences are set aside, and an eye is turned toward a world where everyone lives together in harmony. It just makes you want to be a better person.

I quickly made friends with the girl in front of me by the name of Ginger. Ginger was a descendant of a rather famous comedian named Sam Kinison. Ginger was spunky, beautiful, and had an amazing voice.

11. Kenny G. featuring Baby Face – Everytime I Close my Eyes: Play this immediately after number 10 before people have a chance to think twice and you will have created the romance that everyone is longing for. If you got a dance for number 10, chances are he or she will stick around for this one. After two dances together the ice should best background music be broken and the romance can begin. To time this right, play it right after number 10 and right before the ball drops. That will get everyone in the right place and the right mood for a little New Year’s Smooch.

THE RED CARPET GRAVE – Seems to have a similar theme, though not quite the same as the song Dope Show from one of his previous albums. A more pop and guitar based sound once again. Comes off more like a new re-hash as opposed to a new creation entirely even though it makes for a decent sing along.

You have the flowers, the food, the dress and everything else perfect. How much thought have you given to the music of your wedding? I have thought about it a lot. We cant help it. As a music producer for T.V. and film, I along with anyone else in the industry have a deep understanding of how the combination of visual and musical selections can make or break a wedding. Next time you watch a movie, take notice of how much of the movie has happy background music for presentation. It will be almost all of it. You are not aware because it is their only to control your sense of emotion. Wedding music is the same way. So why are you planning on using the same old music that every other bride has used. Be different with a custom wedding song.

THEY SAY THAT HELL’S NOT HOT – Worth a listen, blends in a bit too much, however, and instead of listening to a collection of songs it feels like the CD is thus far one big song smeared like a blob of paint with a brush. Hopefully by the end it won’t be too thin.

So continuing with the idea of conceptual continuity, I’ve noticed that you not only reprise melodies and lyrics within albums, but you do it across albums. A part from one album may be appear slightly altered on another album. It’s very clever. How do you decided to do these things?

So, the next time you’re planning a big celebration, go tropical. A Hawaiian luau theme party is great for any occasion, any age group, any time of year. It doesn’t take a lot of money or effort. But best of all, it will be the fun island bash that no one will forget.