Hoggetowne Medieval Faire: Perfect Event For Your Blended Family

The winter holidays always bring images of popcorn to mind. Whether you are stringing it up on the tree or eating it out of a festive popcorn tin at Grandma’s, it is definitely an American comfort food that is a warm treat during cold weather. One of the most popular forms of popcorn eaten during the holiday season is the popcorn ball– some people would even say that they are a popular holiday food because you can eat them or use them as a Christmas ornament. Although for most Americans popcorn balls are associated with winter, according to legend they got their start during the summer.

The farm is free of charge and offers several activities in which families can enjoy on their visit. One of the most popular is the guided tram ride through out the parks grounds where over 1000 animals can be observed in a natural setting. Another very popular attraction at the farm is a visit to the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales stables where there are approximately 30 to 35 Clydesdales to observer and see up close.

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And where else could you get the chance to ride a camel? How about an elephant? There are also human-powered rides, a maze, and giant swings. Kids (or adults) can get their faces painted by true artists who do beautiful work.

The food is amazing, from authentic medieval fare like turkey legs, fish & chips, and Dallas Kettle Corn to typical ‘fair’ fare, like italian sausages, corn dogs, and fried pickles.

Be neat and clean up after yourself. Make your own bed, wash the tub after your use, wash your own dishes unless your host insists and even then, make the effort.

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The holidays are my favorite time of the year, but they can be stressful. Making the decision to not be a part of the stress or to encourage it will help you have great holidays to remember.

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