Get In Shape With A Personal Trainer

Sitting disgruntled at yet another pair of slacks that don’t fit, I was becoming depressed. I have never had a weight problem in my life and even loved to brag that after the births of my now grown children, I was the one who could slip right back into a size 5 jean.

I started saying “YES!!” to people, invitations, challenges, and events. I said YES to Isagenix. I said YES to earning my personal training certification and agreeing to take over my fitness trainer’s clients. I said YES to taking over the fitness studio lease. I said “yes” to things instead of “no.” That’s it.

If your Doctor finds your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are high but says it does not warrant medication at this time, take this as a serious warning and continue to monitor these conditions. Seek medical advice to learn what you can do to prevent high blood pressure, atherosclerosis diabetes and other risk factors. You can take precautions NOW to help prevent a debilitating illness later.

Exercise – Walking on those gym machines seems a mind deadening experience and never ending. Swimming, on the other hand, can be invigorating, rewarding and social. Most importantly you can again pace yourself. Start with two widths of the pool and then progress to as many lengths as you feel able. Enjoy the experience, even get out of the pool, have a rest and return if you wish. There is no hurry or limit, whatever you do is helping you achieve your target. If your budget allows, invest in a personal trainer konstanz. They are experts in showing you how to exercise properly to achieve your goals. More importantly they are your conscience and your discipline.

And remember to always consult your doctor before commencing any new exercise program and consult a fitness professional (personal fitness trainer, gym instructor, etc) if you require help.

To be honest, seeing so many people over the years waste their hard earned money on all of these worthless ab gadgets, machines, and bogus fat loss pills was really getting under my skin.

Above all remember that the pursuit of fitness and wellness is not a spectator or passive pursuit. This is your body and your health so be prepared to hold up your end. You also want someone that is willing to work just as hard. A personal trainer isn’t merely someone that stands over people while counting repetitions. Good personal trainers will put their heart and soul into your success. Those are the people you want on your team.

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