Get Excited: It’s Japan Cup Time!

In this article I reveal some amazing green tea information. It has been around for thousands of years. Originally it comes from China and the people there have always believed in the power of natural substances that are provided by Mother Nature. Green tea has been used as medicine for a very long time by the Chinese but it has become well known for its health benefits in the western world just in recent years.

J.W: In your book, you mention various activities you did in Tokyo despite having little or no money. What would you recommend in Tokyo for someone traveling to Things to do in Japan on a very tight budget?

One of the first things you will need to do is some homework. If you have clients in another country or are planning on travelling abroad do your homework on customs and the culture in that region. For example, when travelling to Japan tours you need to know that business cards are dealt with in a highly respected manner. The Japanese feel it is an honor to share their business card with you; they are sharing their title and personal information. If you were to simply put the business card into your back pocket and sit on it, this would be considered offensive. One great idea for traveling anywhere is to get your business card translated into that language. Asian business travelers do this all the time, they have done their homework.

As I planned these trips, I learned that there is a pattern to it. I also learned that by planning in phases you can keep costs down, keep maximum flexibility, and not feel overwhelmed by the task.

There’s a reason. The reigning World all-around champion has had a shoulder injury since July, and will likely be limited here in Rotterdam. Rick McCharles, who watched the men’s podium training (and posted about it on Gymnastics Coaching) said that Uchimura wore a coat while the travelling to Japan were on pommel horse, struggled on parallel bars and was magnificent on high bar, where obviously he’s not impaired.

If your chosen destination is outside the U.S., take immediate action to check your passport and renew it if necessary. This includes trips to Canada and Mexico! If it is your first passport or your child’s first passport, tackle this many months before your trip. Last-minute passport hassles are very stressful! Also avoid all the parasites who promise to “expedite” passports or otherwise assist you in the process. All you need is the website of the U.S. State Department—everything you need is there.

Alcohol is rather easy to find. If you are staying in a hotel, chances are there is a vending machine near the lobby dispensing beer and canned cocktails. Most restaurants, other than fast food establishments, will carry a basic assortment of alcoholic drinks. Izakayas (Japanese style bars) can be found around train stations. The majority of convenience stores and super markets are also well stocked with beer, wine, and assorted hard liquors.

All the while Japan tap water is drinkable, just recent years of heavy pollution, some places tap water is no longer drinkable, so before you drinking any tap water either from hotel or public places, need to make sure is there a any sign saying it is directly drinkable or not.