Chicago City Hall’s Green Roof

At Sunnking Electronics Recycling, we are obviously all about being green when it comes to recycling your old electronics. But there are some changes you can make to prolong the life of your current electronics. You can also make some smart purchasing decisions when you’re due for new gadgets. Here are some tips on how to green your electronics!

Borrowing is the new cool for us green types. You can borrow books from libraries, movies from DVD rental stores, even power tools and appliances from hire companies. You’ll not only save yourself a fortune, you’ll be helping our earth.

Firstly, it is the easiest way of starting electronics recycling. Search for the electronics recycling nearby your workplace. If there are some, go and drop your electronic equipments there. They will take care of those products. Next option is, find out the people who want to buy your old video games or TV’s. This will help in using that product for longer time and you will get some cash because of this old product. And make sure, when you are selling your laptops or computers erase the personal data saved in it. The next option is charity. If you really want to get rid of some products, you can donate those to the charity.

Now I like to remove the ribbon wires. These are the flat wires that connect the motherboard to the various components. These will usually pop right off. I then put them into a box or barrel and save them with other wires that will go into the local scrap metal yard.

Another great way to go green, as we all know, is to recycle, but it doesn’t stop there. We should also reuse what we can. Things such as old torn clothing, sheets, curtains, and spreads can be recycled and reused in quilts and rugs.

The HP Laserjet P2055 is a great printer if you have a small or medium sized business or if you do a lot of printing at your house. The HP Laserjet P2055 prints 35 pages per minute and can print 50,000 pages per month, which is a reasonable at an impressive speed. What makes the HP Laserjet P2055 so eco-friendly? There are several paper saving, time saving, and energy saving features that the HP Laserjet P2055 has available.

However, it is also important to note that only those qualified should attempt to actually refine the precious metals from circuit boards. It can be a dangerous and potentially deadly process.

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