Boost Your Home’s Value By Installing A Simple Kitchen Backsplash

Perhaps you’ve recently purchased a home and know the kitchen will have to be renovated before you can move in. Or maybe you’ve lived with an unattractive and out-dated kitchen for years but are now ready to turn it into your dream cooking space. Whatever the situation, one of the most important decisions is what kitchen worktop should you choose for your home?

For flooring, consider using a mid-grade carpet instead of hardwood floors. Or use the hardwood floors to accent your living room and install carpet for the rest of the home.

You will need: A pencil, Ruler, An electric drill, cordless or mains. A suitable pin, stainless steel or copper or brass. (more later!) Two tungsten tipped drill bits. Epoxy resin adhesive. Cocktail sticks for mixing glue. Trimming knife. One stone house number sign 20mm or more thick.

There’s no one standard finishing to a wooden dining table. It all comes down to personal preference. The safest suggestion I can give is to use the same kind of stain that you used on other furnishing in the house. This way, all furniture will come together in a blend of style. But if you are to make table more durable, you may consider using multiple levels of clear coats.

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Ease of cleaning is important. To maintain your worktop, find one that is relatively easy to keep clean. Luckily, Granite and Corian are both very easy to keep clean. However, since granite is a natural material, it is porous. This means bacteria, mould and mildew will thrive in between the cracks, which is why Giza Stoneworks needs to be sealed regularly. Corian is a non-porous man-made material & because its joints are completely seamless it withstands bacteria and is easily cleaned with some warm, soapy water and a clean cloth.

If you have a machine shop or a word working shop, you will always have a need for a drill press. Free standing and typically larger than most drills, these tools will allow you to set up very large jobs that require more precision. The motors will always have more horse power so that you can bore through even the thickest of materials.

When I checked out the license number in the ad with the California State Contractors License Board (CSLB), the company didn’t even have Workers Compensation insurance. So if someone is injured or killed while working on your bathroom, you are likely responsible for all of the injured workers medical and legal bills!