Birthstone Jewelry – The Ideal Gift

Wedding rings do not usually get a lot of attention during the wedding itself. But remember, these things are going to be on the fingers of the bride and the groom for the rest of their lives, so let us look at some tips on how to carefully choose them.

Sheilah Etheridge (Owner, SME Management: Management and Accounting Consultant): I am fairly on target on the opinion I have of people. I have been proven wrong a couple of times but it is not often. I generally give people the benefit of the doubt and keep an open mind before really forming an opinion. But there are times that I will get an instant dislike for someone (they don’t even need to speak). If that happens and I am not sure why I feel that way and nothing has happened to cause me to dislike them there is generally a valid reason I just haven’t found yet. To date, I have never instantly disliked someone and then later found I was wrong.

Onto the technique. Squint your vision so the objects you’re looking at get fuzzy and blurry. We all know what that looks like; a movie being out of focus.

Rings are available for both men and women. There are different band styles available for different ring styles. Golden wedding rings, engagem ent and promise rings, mother’s rings are just some of the different rings that are available. You can get any type of stone or GSI vs. GIA placed in the setting of a ring.

As you walk down from the Mosque, back down the blue alleys of Chefchaouen, you start to feel like you are floating downstream a river as the downhill sweeps up your feet in a calm pace. Your thoughts quiet, and you you just simply observe everything that is happening in this utopia of a river. Then by chance, you get washed up aside into a side alley, away from the current. The silence wakes you from the peaceful meditation you were in earlier. In these alleys you find mothers peeling nuts, kids passing the soccer ball, or a man smoking a lonely cigarette.

The reason why a cashmere cardigan is indeed valued is it is rare. While wool could be sheered from anywhere on a lamb’s body, cashmere is manufactured using the actual hair that is on the belly of a Kashmir goat and on the lower part of its body. Also, this great hair has to be combed first before any kind of cutting begins. It can take upwards of three days to completely comb the goat and obtain it groomed for the shearing.

In one of these side alleys I met a painter with his own gallery who offered me to some sweet tea and a discussion. We got to talking about Chefchaouen. Turns out, they painted these walls blue because it makes the suns reflection off the building much easier. Some other locals I met prefer a much more interesting story behind these mysterious walls. In the end, my words do not do justice to the magnificence of this true gem of a town. I strongly urge you to travel there for yourself and experience the harmonic beauty that will silence your mind and light up your face in blissful awe.

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