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Do you really need to use a massive logo on your leaflet? What is the purpose of your leaflet? Is it simply to market your service or product? Or to establish your brand?

Instead of just rushing into getting your leaflets out there, work out what you want from your leaflet delivery campaign. Do you just want to gain more customers? If so, what type of people do you want to attract? Where should they live? How many new customers can you handle? Or do you want to increase brand awareness? Once you’ve worked what your ideal customer is, you can then decide on the best way to get your message to that person.

Leaflets are a great cost effective marketing tool. They are a fantastic way to get your message into customers’ homes, Distributing leaflets is a highly intrusive form of marketing and because of this, most businesses treat it as marmite. You either love it or hate it. Because of this extreme reaction, some marketers steer away from leaflets.

In my own experience, some of my articles get published as fast as within 2 days, and it get indexed sometimes later on the same day being published. If my articles are published in well established sites, the link back will bring my website showing up in the major SE as fast as the following day due to the SE are crawling the site on daily basis!

An online press release increases your web presence. You can reach people you may not ordinarily reach. Depending on which flyer printing you use, news services such as Google and Yahoo News will pick up your release. The major search engines will also pick up your release. Since online press releases stay on the Internet permanently, you can continue to gain attention over a long period of time as users search using your keywords.

Establish satellite websites on other blogging or hub platforms. Create unique content and post to them on a regular basis, but make sure that they link back to your main website. This process can be done in linkwheel fashion or not, but it is important to create some authority on these sites and pass that link juice right on to your main website.

To get more traffic, choose your target keywords wisely. There are a number of free tools offered by Google, Yahoo and MSN that will help you choose the right keywords. Use those keyword phrases that you are trying to target in your links. When you use them in links, they are known as anchor texts. You will only rank well when you have proper anchor texts in your inbound links.

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