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With the finale of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” set for today, Philadelphia area viewers not only have to mourn the loss of the long running daytime talk show, but they will now have to endure another hour of local news.

Ask your readers to leave a comment. Be sure to ask your readers to leave a comment at the end of each post. Most people would gladly oblige to do so if there is a direct statement asking them to. For instance, you can use statements like “Please, leave your comment on this post before you go,” or “Feel free to share your own suggestions about this post.” It can also be a question such as “Do you have anything to add to this topic? Your comments are greatly appreciated”.

B. We have heard World News reports of many devastating earthquakes recently (e.g. Chile, Haiti, New Zealand and Japan (followed by a huge tsunami)). But, the bible says that, “All these are the beginning of birth pains”. (Matthew 24:8 NIV). Note, how these devastating events are compared to birth pains. Just as birth pains increase in frequency and magnitude, until a baby is born, so too, these events will take place on a greater scale and magnitude until the second coming of Christ.

I thought for many years that a war with Mexico was coming. That such was a sure bet. But lately I have had to give more consideration and weight to other, more pressing world news and insights. From people more gifted than I at fathoming the coming years pleasures and problems. Such is life, a truism today will become a lie tomorrow. A thing seen will not be, and a thing unseen will most likely be the problem we must hurdle tomorrow. But be that as it may be, I am hoping I am wrong about this problem I see around the corner. Perhaps in some bumbling way, my pointing at it can destroy its coming to fruit? Who knows tomorrow.

If you figure a 1-2% success rate, you’ll get 1-2 leads per hundred flyers and then depending on your closing rate, you can figure out how many flyers you’ll need to hand out consistently to reach your goals. Also figure in printing costs. Even if you’re printing these at home, you’ll have to pay for ink/toner and the wear and tear on your printer, not to mention the time and gas it takes to drive around and post the flyers. You should also get permission from property owners/managers if you’re going to put them on doors or cars since some people will throw them on the ground. One other thing to be wary about is World News car alarms.

You’ve already laboured over writing your resume and now you must face the prospect of an interview. A feeling of trepidation is understandable although many people have a careless attitude that can be just as damaging to your prospects.

Gold has already hit several new highs in the past week, and this surge to just under $1500 an ounce shows that it, along with silver, are the wealth protection vehicles as the dollar and US treasuries continue under pressure, and ratings agencies such as Standard and Poor move to cut them in regards to future outlook.